The Baltic States

I have a particular fondness for the Baltic States as I spent several months cycling around them. They weren’t too hilly which is always nice and there were lots of interesting places to visit. I particularly enjoyed visiting Riga and Tallinn, both very ancient and beautiful cities. Even got a ferry from Tallinn across to Helsinki in Finland, which is another great place.


Bali is amazing! It’s such a  peaceful place, as long as you drive away from Kuta, Ubud is particularly beautiful.  You can have a fantastic cycle around the island, or hire a motorbike if you’d rather go a bit faster. The beaches are simply stunning, the food is great and the locals are so welcoming despite the fact that they must be fed up with tourists by now

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is such as fantastic place. It’s crazy busy but such an exciting place. It’s not just home to one of the finest skylines in the world, but also to one of the longest cable cars in the world. It takes you from the city up a mountain to a Big Buddha statue. I loved it, I love cable cars and this is one of my favorites.



Montenegro is not that well known but is simply beautiful, some amazing scenery especially around the Bay of Kotor. But cyclists beware, it can be very hilly so if that’s not your kind of cycling watch out.


I fell in love with Barcelona as soon as I got there. The food was great and there were so many interesting things to see – the unfinished church the Sagada Familia, Parc Guell and the Ramblas were probably the highlights, and the food was excellent. It must be an amazing place to live because there’s so much great stuff around there, the beautiful coast of the Costa Brava and the fantastic Pyrenees not too far away either. On my trip the weather was great, even though it was winter. If I could live anywhere in the world this might be the place.

New York

What an amazing place it is. It felt like I was in a film all the time, the skyscrapers, the yellow taxis. I loved walking around Central Park, going up the Empire State Building and taking the ferry across to Staten Island to see the Statue of Liberty.


Amsterdam is a fantastic place for a cyclist such as myself and is one of my favorite places, it seems like everyone is on a bike,  I love the relaxed atmosphere and the beautiful buildings and never tire of going back.



London is my favorite city, there’s just so much too see. I lived there for a few years and had the best time ever. I worked as a cycle courier most of the time. It was hard work but great fun as well, a huge adrenalin kick as we had really tight deadlines. I met loads of great people and of course saw all the sights. I lived in Shepherds Bush, not a particularly glamorous area but was a cheap house shared with 8 other travelers, mostly from Europe.


Sydney has a simply stunning location on an amazing bay and the harbor bridge and the opera house are world famous of course. The coastline  is beautiful and has some fantastic beaches. You have to also go to Bondi of course, although that was very busy and not one of my favorites. The climate there is fantastic of course and so is the food and wine. I’d love to go back there one day.

If you are looking for advice on places to visit and places to stay I’ve always found Tripadvisor to be really useful.

One of my best trips abroad  was when I crossed the States going from New York to LA, in all it took me over 2 months but I here are some of the highlights of that trip.

I left New York on a warm day in September. I’d loved my stay in New York, what a great city it is, although not great for cyclists it’s just too busy .


First major stop was Amish country in Lancaster county in Pennsylvania. I’d always been fascinated by the Amish since seeing the Harrison Ford film years ago, can’t remember what it was called now. It was really interesting to see them in real life, and even better not to be the slowest vehicle on the road, I was able to pass them on their horse drawn buggies really easily!

Next I headed down to Washington DC. I went to visit Barack Obama in the White House – only kidding – but I did take a look at it from the outside. Also went around a few museums and looked at the monuments, all interesting stuff.

After an over night stay it was back on my bike and heading off towards the Appalachian  mountains, this was the toughest part of the journey so far, I’d be used to nice flat roads. But I wanted to see what the mountains were like and also to visit Nashville. The mountains were beautiful and worth the pain.

Nashville was also great, I’m a big music fan and love country music so went to loads of bars, there seemed to so many places playing music and it was a really high standard. Keeping up the country theme I next went to Memphis which was also interesting went to see quite a bit of blues there.

I travelled from Memphis through Arkansas – Bill Clinton’s home state – to Texas. I went to Dallas and went to the book depository where JFK was supposed to have been shot from.

I also went to the place where they’d filmed the TV show Dallas, my mum is a big fan  so she was particularly excited to hear about that.

The Texan desert was so barren but at least the roads were really flat to cycle on

I also went to Lubbock Texas just because I love Buddy Holly and it was where he was from, but the city itself wasn’t that interesting

Talking of TV shows I next went to Alberquerque in New Mexico where Breaking Bad was filmed. I loved the show and it was great to go on a tour of many of the places I’d seen on the show.


Next major stop was the Grand Canyon was as amazing as everyone says it is, I just loved it.

I was starting to get pretty tired by now and disaster struck as I was just outside Phoenix. I came off my bike at high speed. I got away with cuts and bruises about from my nose which I broke and which ended up a  complete mess. I was told that I really needed to get some plastic surgery done and went for a spot of rhinoplasty at a plastic surgery place in Scottsdale. It cost me a lot but I didn’t want to have a wrecked nose for the rest of my life.

My last major stop was at San Diego which I really liked, a beautiful place and was great to go for a swim in the sea.

So after two months I arrived in Los Angeles. Wasn’t my favorite city but I saw all the sites, Hollywood, the Universal studio tours etc.

I was pretty saddle sore but it had been a great trip and one I’ll never forget. If you’d like more information on cycling in America go here.